PCA Who Questions

Q Saba: 3

A River Song,
Examining glass something magical blue books that take over people’s minds, steampunk Glass Books of the Dream Eaters
Karen Marie Monning, Ireland and Dublin, woman researching murder of sister, she’s not a person but a book come to life. The Fever Series
Discourse of psychoanalysis and xxx

Q tech
“Closing Time”
Actively fights her/for love?

A It’s the one thing he hasn’t figured out yet. Having to figure out how to deal with Stormageddon.

Capaldi’s first season, where natural parts are taking place of mechanical parts

Q “Victory for the Daleks”
Have you ever fallen in love with someone you know you shouldn’t? That is humanity.

Tennant episode where he has the watch. Doesn’t call on ????
Grandchildren and been married 4 times.

Q interactive/
Do you use these methods to teach your students narratology?
You can teach this to lots of things.
Have a friend sucking at Shakespeare, watches Sons of Anarchy, used it to explain Shakespeare.

Q teach a comp course using Doctor who as theme
Terrible time trying to explain Jack Harkness.
Tech vortex time manipulator…
How do you position Jack Harkness?

A silence
Amazing actor. Only episode that Steven Moffat wrote where everybody lives.
52nd Century hormones… Army and Air Force… officer at the guard and hits on him. Then hits on cyborgs.
Take him with a big grain of salt.
Jack straddling the bomb and caption is “literally anything that moves.”
Opens up discussion of sexuality and homosexuality.

Episode based on game show… “What Not to Wear” or “The Long Game”

River and Jack are both aggressively sexual.

Function outside of time and impacted by trauma. Face of Bo… story exists in Torchwood quite substantially.

Easier to make Jack appealing when you bring in the rest of his story and timeline.
Speaks to trauma, regaining agency.

As bad as it is “Miracle Day” you get Jack’s history. Lover killing him over and over again and selling tickets to folks to watch.
Really tortured by families.

Q Sarah Jane also had a lipstick case that she used. Sonic lipstick.

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