PCA Video Games Evil versus Morality

Grey Wardens and the White Wolf
Caleb Metott

When 2 years old Dad played video games with me on computer. Have always loved video games.
How can we learn from them?

Role playing games:
Witcher video game series
Dragon Age: Origins

Hannah Ardent’s view of evil and morality
George Kateb’s interp
Richard Ryder speciesism

Trailer for the Witcher…
“evil is evil, lesser, greater, makes no difference”
What are you doing? Killing the monsters
“The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt-Killing Monsters Cinematic Trailer” YouTube.

Hannah Ardent was a Jew who escaped horrors of Holocaust.
Morals and evil are different.
Immoral = lying, adultery, murder
Totalitarian evil = absolute evil, strips victims of humanity
Made people think of them as less than human.
Banality of evil (coined phrase) = something everyday people do

George Katebs argued the existence of these values.

People find it easier to do evil when think of victim as not human.
Speciesism is discrimination based on species, 1970.

Common occurrence in Star Trek. Comic books.

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