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Anthology For Use in Composition Classes (essays, short stories, etc. on any subject)
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Fey Publishing
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Fey Publishing is interested in compiling an anthology to be used primarily in first-year writing courses at the collegiate level. Students using this text will be enrolled in Developmental Writing, Composition I, or Composition II; therefore, submissions must meet the following qualifications:

1. The subject must be interesting to college students, but feel free to submit essays and very-short short stories that pertain to any issue. Students in these classes enjoy debating/discussing issues that are current in our society. Think about what would be interesting for them. Usually, political and economic subjects carry little weight, though not always. Students do enjoy talking about legalizing marijuana, underage drinking, social media, bullying, technology, the death penalty, domestic violence, race, abortion, gay rights, guns, gender issues, sports, etc. (This is by no means an exhaustive list.)

2. All submissions must formatted according to MLA standards. Part of the purpose of this anthology is to provide college students with prime examples of proper source use and proper documentation of those sources. Preference will be given to essays that offer well-incorporated source material. Obviously, short stories do not require sources. Note: The editor will assist with formatting if your submission is selected.

3. Submissions should be either argumentative or analytical or some kind of combination of the two. This can be an analysis of the self, an argument on a social issue, a story that shows analysis through a character, etc. Almost everything can be an argument or an analysis, but the idea here is to present a good one. So, if a claim is made, be sure to back it up with evidence.

4. The writing must be clear and understandable to inexperienced college students. Preference will be given to pieces that show organization in and between paragraphs and clear yet challenging uses of language.

Word Count: There is no minimum word count, but keep in mind that submissions need substance in order to be accepted. Maximum word count is 3,000.

Deadline: July 31st, 2015

Publication Date: January 2016

Payment: Fey Publishing values everyone we work with, and we’ve pledged to either pay all writers included in anthologies or to donate proceeds to charity in lieu of author payments. Because this isn’t officially an anthology in the traditional sense, we are having a hard time determining how to handle compensation. We are looking into literacy and school charities to donate to instead, and once we have that information, we will update this area with information regarding that.

Note: Fey Publishing does not require exclusive rights. If the piece has been published elsewhere, include permission from original publisher with your submission and state that it was previously published. If we find out that it was previously published and permission was not given before submitting to us, we will automatically deny it. It is up to you to make sure you have rights to re-publish your work with another publisher. If it’s self-published, no problem. We will take a look at it just the same. You will still hold rights to your work, we merely ask for publication rights. Multiple submissions are allowed. If this is a simultaneous submission, please let us know with your submission. As soon as it’s accepted else, let us know as soon as possible. Whether we need to pull it or not, doesn’t matter. We still need to verify that the other publisher will let us use the piece before we can accept it.

How to submit: Please submit your story via our online submission portal ( No e-mailed submissions will be allowed, and we will likely not respond if you send them via e-mail. Please include a short bio (about 200 words or so) that includes links to your other works or social media pages. If accepted, this bio will be included in the book so those who enjoyed your work may find you. We do our best to promote the authors we work with. We will read all submissions after the deadline, so please do not inquire about a decision before that date. You may keep updated on the status of submissions by following us at or If you e-mail asking about an update, we will try to get back to you, but please know everyone will get a response one way or another. If you haven’t heard from us, it means our decision hasn’t been made.

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