Writing Critically Important for Career Success

Communication skills are critically important for both academic performance and career success. Both educators and employers emphasize the importance of oral (Barker & Hall, 1995; Maes, Weldy, & Icenogle, 1997) as well as written (Bacon & Anderson, 2004; Quible & Griffin, 2007) communication skills. However, more emphasis has been placed on written communication skills in recent years as technological advancements such as e- mail, text messaging, and instant messaging devices have become more common, and as businesses focus more on knowledge and sharing (Brandt, 2005). While business educators and employers agree that effective writing skills are important in higher education as well as in the workplace (Kellogg & Raulerson, 2007), researchers suggest that many business students may lack this important skill (Ashton, 2007; Henricks, 2007; Quible & Griffin, 2007). (Weldy, Maes, and Harris 12)

Weldy, Teresa G., Jeanne D. Maes, and Jeanne D. Harris. “Process and Practice: Improving Writing Ability, Confidence in Writing, and Awareness of Writing Skills’ Importance.” Journal of Innovative Education Strategies 3.1 (September 2014): 12-26. Web. 17 September 2015.

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