Vulgate Lancelot

Speaker: Kalyn Prince, Abilene Christian U
“Lancelot: A Man After David’s Own Heart”

written at time of Crusades
Lancelot = David (not Christ)
During this time, Christian story dominated

Vulgate’s cycle’s rhetorical situation is search for the holy grail.
Romance may have been intended to be a cautionary tale to note that the French court should look to David’s and Lancelot’s kingdoms and see disasters to avoid.

Authors unknown

Context of cycle most important.
Cycle = cautionary tale of government control

Authors may have used the Vulgate Cycle to argue about what the government was doing.
Lancelot = noblest knight
David = “man after God’s own heart” (I Sam. 13:14)
Both were better than the man selected by God to rule: Arthur, Saul.
Lancelot and David are constantly out in the world making a difference.

Lancelot does not succeed at Holy Grail, but his son Galahad does.
David cannot build temple, but Solomon can.

Similarities between David and Lancelot AND Philip II.
Seemed to receive from God, have holy mission.
Dominions were expanded and lived in Golden Times.

from CCTE 2016 Literature 5 Biblical Themes

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