Re-Envisioning Revision

Amy Clements, St. Edward’s U
“Re-envisioning Revision”

Art of Prestige, UMass Press

4 decades since Peter Elbow proposed a teacher-less writing class
to remedy the fact that teacher = “only one person and not very typical”

re-enforcing validity of voice

peer review is a quandary because different recommendations
How heavily as instructors should we intervene?
My solution came from publishing word. Teach classes in revising and editing and an advanced editing class.
Rhetorically sound argument to defend edits.

Should not be reserved for English majors.
Be willing to accept ambiguity.
Versatility to adapt to varying audiences including varying instructors.

As motivations of editors are discussed, students develop.
Writing prof job =/= various styles
Instead 1. Language is a revolving reflection of users.
2. Those who can easily access multiple styles have more access to audiences.

Word choice.
Send students to dictionary. Which ones?

Equip them to debate use in language.

Brian Henderson corrected “comprised of” in more than 40,000 wikipedia articles.

Grammar Girl on LinkedIn:
When you have a colon, do you capitalize what comes after?
Issue of style. Doesn’t want a style guide preference. What’s the rule?
What is the “I learned in school” style called?

Demystifying motivations and processes of editors (and writers), we can extend community of editors well beyond class rosters

Notes from CCTE 2016: Teaching Strategies

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