Dustbowl Redux: Ecotheological Reading

Jeffrey Lamp, ORU
The Dustbowl Redux: An Ecotheological Reading of “Interstellar”

2014 film Interstellar
epic adventure, focuses on mission to save humanity from ecological disaster by traveling through a wormhole to find a new world for humanity
plausibility of film, father-daughter, and other discussions

ecological crisis
compare movie to Bible descriptions of Israel’s land abuse

what the movie portrays is a lesson not learned
read ecotheologically, it’s a prophetic call
what constitutes home for human beings?
What does it mean to dwell in a different place? Relationship of humanity to Earth.

What might be seen in film for biblical/theological?

Events leading to the exile is a complex story that spans several centuries.
Usual explanations of Babylonian exile, most common, is failing to heed and fighting the Babylonians.

Read ecotheologically… prophetic parabolic warning

Early in the film, Cooper and Donald, Cooper “human beings aren’t supposed to be caretakers, but explorers”
Taken to a space station when he returns. As he sits on the porch of the replica, he says this isn’t how humans were meant to live.

Notes from PCA 2016

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