C/C End of the World Scenarios

Kathryn Hall, ORU
Graduating senior, English

c/c two civilizations in Alas, Babylon Frank and The Time Ships Baxter

Shades of apocalypse…
American literature mass end of world experience
Age-old question (really?)

One civ traveled back to beginning of time
Other is in the 50s

Both have countries that send nuclear bombs: Russians, German
AB = hydrogen
TS = atomic
Explains bombs. Hydrogen are stronger and can cause blindness.

No safe level of radioactivity.

By both areas there are water.
AB Fish are constant meal source. “If the river were hot, we’d all be hot”
TS Both take cover in body of water. “could do nothing but cower in the water”

Despite terror, both societies flourish.
AB local librarian “requires a holocaust to make her own life worth living”
Randy marries Lib.
Dr. Dan cannot hide his joy when first baby is born.
TS people begin new relationships, practicing polygamy, children are born

Success of these worlds
Neither Randy nor Time Travelers want to leave their homes.

AB town could get along fine, but power would be good
TS regret leaving New London, as if old already

“We get shock proofed. … Standing on the brink of war has been our normal posture.”
“believed in an innate wisdom of humanity… to put a stop to it all”

from ORU 2015

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