CFP: Rhetoric

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CFP: The Profession

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July 6, 2019
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CFP: The Profession

Intermezzo, a digital longform publication – – seeks submissions that deal with rhetoric and rhetoric and composition as a profession.

Profession, the MLA’s dedicated publication to issues regarding professionalization in Modern Languages and Literatures, has long served the field regarding discussion of professional issues. While Profession has published work on rhetoric and rhetoric and composition, the focus of the journal is not dedicated to these areas. And while rhetoric and rhetoric and composition journals publish articles on professional matters, no publication is dedicated to the profession in a focused manner. Rhetoric and rhetoric and composition journals do not have the space to devote to only professional discussions. Intermezzo is interested in providing a dedicated space for such discussions. Submissions can be co-authored or co-edited but should include multiple voices. While there is no obligation to produce more than one collection, we hope this will become an annual series.

Intermezzo seeks 20-40,000 word volumes that explore professional issues relevant to rhetoric and rhetoric and composition: hiring, tenure, writing as a writing professional, bureaucracy, budgetary issues, general education pressures, marginalization, becoming a department or independent program, developing majors and minors, being department or program heads, policy debates, rhetoric and rhetoric and composition’s place in the Humanities curriculum, and other related topics. Submissions can include video, image visualizations, graphics, or other non-print forms of expression.

We are particularly interested in essays from a variety of professional backgrounds: professors, administrators, lecturers, and adjuncts. We are also interested in essays which take advantage of organizational strategies print publications might not publish.

All essays published with Intermezzo undergo peer review. Intermezzo is committed to providing an outlet for essays too long for journal publication, but too short for monograph publication. Essays are published as open source, are registered with the Library of Congress, and receive ISBN numbers. They may include multimedia as well.

Intermezzo is meant to be a venue where writers can produce scholarly work in unique ways, outside of institutional or disciplinary expectation, and it takes advantage of digital media as a platform for both content and distribution of timely topics.

Intermezzo accepts longform essays on a rolling submission basis, with no deadlines.

Please submit submissions, abstracts, or queries to

Jeff Rice
Series Editor

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