Visual Rhetoric of Comics and Graphic Novels: Relevant Posts

Since I am teaching the Visual Rhetoric of Comics this fall for an Honors Colloquium, I thought I would see what posts I have on TCE. There are quite a few, but not as many as I thought.

On Comics and Graphic Novels:
Visual Rhetoric and Comics Honors Colloquium
What I plan to do with this course.

Teaching Comics as Visual Rhetoric
Link to a dissertation on the topic with relevant work identified by section.

Trends in Teaching Composition Conference 2015 notes on Teaching Comics
I have some fun beginning activities from Lauryn Angel’s presentation.

Mental Health and Comics Workshop
I attended this at Nine Worlds in 2014.

MLA notes on “Why Comics Are and Are Not Picture Books”

PCA Teaching Medieval Lit with Comics

9 Chickweed Lane
Comic I wasn’t familiar with that has a professor as a main character.

PCA Questions on Superheroes 2015

Visual Rhetoric, when I decided I should use Scott McCloud’s book

PCA 2011 Understanding Visual Rhetoric

PCA 2011 Women in Refrigerators

PCA 2011 Supertexts The Waste Land

General Visual Rhetoric Posts:
Benjamin Franklin and Visual Rhetoric

Defining Visual Rhetorics: Emerging Graphical Conventions
A post about a chapter in Defining Visual Rhetorics.

Defining Visual Rhetorics: History of the Visual
A post about a different chapter in Defining Visual Rhetorics.

Defining Visual Rhetorics: Images Construct Memory
A post about a different chapter in Defining Visual Rhetorics.

Defining Visual Rhetorics: Challenging the Visual/Verbal Divide
Notes on Words and Images, Words AS Images, Words over Images, and material practices.

Defining Visual Rhetorics: Rhetoric of Visual Arguments

Says visual arguments can have the same fallacies as verbal arguments: vagueness and equivocation (1002 of 6169).

“[M]ost communications that are candidates for visual arguments are combinations of the verbal and the visual” (1065 of 6169).

“Visual images can thus be used to convey a narrative in a short time” (1106 of 6169).

“visual arguments supply simple, minimalist support” (1131 of 6169)

Defining Visual Rhetorics: Psychology of Rhetorical Images

There are more notes from chapters of Defining Visual Rhetorics that you can find by searching for Defining Visual Rhetorics, but most did not have anything relevant to the class I will be teaching.

Visual Rhetoric: Digital Writing
Since the students will be presenting a digital presentation, I thought this was relevant.

Visual Rhetoric Assignment(s)
Ideas for assignments from Rice in Rhetoric of Cool.

#FYCchat Visual Rhetoric Highlights
Lots of posts from a chat on first-year composition by FYC profs.

Visual Rhetoric, literally
A link to an American Heritage offer that lets you create a picture of you out of your words.

FYC Visual Rhetoric Paper
Long quote and short notes on a Scientific American article.

Visual Rhetoric Essay
How I introduced a visual rhetoric essay.

PCA Tech Comm and Visual Rhetoric
Notes on a panel at 2012 PCA.

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