As I read on my kindle (or other places), I note new vocabulary. I enjoy words and their meanings and I am always thrilled when I learn a new vocabulary word. Sometimes, however, I don’t use the word and then it is lost.

Recently I learned the word mogshade, which means the shadow of a tree, but when I wanted to use it again, I could not remember the word. I even looked up the websites that I had been on at the time, trying to find it. Despite finding the actual article, I still did not see the word. Thankfully, however, I had put it on the blog. Yay!

In our house the wall in the dining room, grass cloth painted a light gray, produces an amazing art piece when the mogshade of the 100+ year old mesquite right outside the back window is visible in the evening. That’s why I went looking for the word again and now that I have found it, I refuse to let it go.

Main point:
Mishegoss is a Yiddish word, which I knew just from the look of the word, that, when I looked it up on the kindle app, did not appear in the dictionary or Wikipedia. However, when I whipped out my phone and put it into Google, I found multiple entries for the meaning.

Mishegoss means craziness or senseless behavior or activity, according to the Free Dictionary.

The word was used in a romance novel, Santa’s Playbook, by Karen Templeton-Berger, published as Karen Templeton.

“Please don’t give me any mishegoss about fighting for my man, Virgil–” (200).

It is a wonderful word and sounds cool, too.

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