Hrothgar’s Playlist

Hrothgar’s Playlist is an assignment one of my colleagues has come up with for Brit Lit I. I like it and will be adopting/adapting it for my class. I haven’t actually seen his assignment, just heard someone else talk about it, so I may change it up, but here is what I have so far. … Continue reading “Hrothgar’s Playlist”

Student Control of the Classroom

This is a preliminary retrospective on my British literature course. This semester, just before school started, I talked to a long-time instructor at the university about what she was doing in her early British literature survey course. After having that discussion, the very first day of class I presented three different formats for the classroom … Continue reading “Student Control of the Classroom”

Amazingly Good Digital Storytelling

As an optional assignment (worth more points than the original assignment), I offered my British literature students the opportunity to create a digital story–audio and video and text–instead of just presenting their ideas while, after, or before we listened to a piece of music chosen to match a particular character. I had 7 students out … Continue reading “Amazingly Good Digital Storytelling”

Beowulf Intros

An interesting song to juxtapose to Beowulf would be Nicole Nordeman’s “Legacy.” “Goodbye Ordinary” by Mercy Me would be good for that too because if anyone lived large, it is certainly Beowulf. There is lots of relevant art on the net for Beowulf. Non-B art might include West’s version of “The Death of Wolfe” and … Continue reading “Beowulf Intros”