PCA Stargate & Said

Stargate and Said: Colonial Power
Robert Lively

Like show. Family watches religiously. Disturbing trends in it.
Examining movie and tv show:
SG1 franchise, several tropes disturbing
Portrayal of Middle Eastern
Tilt’s characterization
Colonization of Space by Stargate Command

Stargate corpus as text
Brought Orient into the West. Constructed by West.
Orientalism, regularized writing, vision, and study… ostensibly suited to the orient.
SG1 does this.
Middle Eastern gods are evil. Nordic are good guys.
Cultural relativism of West’s view of Middle East.
People will only be good if submit to Western values.
Egyptian gods are the big bads.
Earthmen can be seen as illegals coming to take resources.
None of us are free from struggle over geography

Liberating people from government and belief system they have always known.

3 Weeks In

Three weeks into the semester, I am loving being at ACU again.

My freshman composition and Major British Writers I classes are going well. I have, I hope, readjusted my expectations for writing and homework to match ACU’s.

The new-faculty mentor I was given is Karen C, a wonderful, positive, effusive person who has made my day many times just walking down the hall. I keep her “Hi, Suanna! Glad you are here” note from before school began on the back of my door. It makes me smile every time I see it. AND it was written before she was my mentor. See? It’s a God thing.

TThe new-graduate mentee I was assigned is Amelia E. We have lots of things in common, including scholarship areas in science fiction and fantasy, being mothers, and working at ACU. I’m glad we are connected through the mentoring program and hope I will be an encouragement to her. She was very glad to know that someone works in science fiction.