Blogs are to Twitter what ovens are to microwaves.

Blogs are not dead. Neither are they passe. Karine Joly wrote on about the issue of blogs and whether they are, as Wired’s Paul Boutin said, dead.

No, they aren’t dead.

When I can have entire freshman classes (12 to 25 students) who don’t even know what the word blog means, then there is no reason to say that the time of blogs is over. And when I can use them to motivate students to write for themselves and for others, there is no reason to say that the usefulness of blogs has passed.

Because you are an early adopter of technology and new technology has come along is no reason to abandon an earlier technology whose usefulness continues. We have computers, but we still use books. (And I am glad for both.)

Imho blogs are to Twitter what ovens are to microwaves.

You may use a microwave a lot more, but you still have an oven and use it for substantial cooking. Who wants to throw cakes and cookies in the microwave? How about the Thanksgiving turkey?

The school year has begun. … and a comment on elite attitudes

I have five classes and I am enjoying them so far.

I did get a bit ahead of myself in two classes, because I assumed a greater familiarity with computers than some of my students actually had. But they still managed to get started and blog. (Go read their stuff at Davis English Addendum.

I’m going to have my other classes read and comment, trying to create a confluence of academia through this one blog portal.

… I’m a little po’ed about CEA’s “fragmented blogs” comment, which was just a throw away line in their conference inivitation.

We live in a world atomized into text messages and jump cuts, socially constructed snippets on networking sites, fragmented blogs and news bites, ones and zeroes.

says their call for papers

Is that atomized like reduced to atoms? So the world has been destroyed by texting, networking sites, blogs, and programming?

Don’t think so.

Odd perspective that.