Multimodal Everyman

I heard this song in church right after I taught Everyman this summer. And I want to buy the song from iTunes and play it for class next year. At least this portion:

I’m the man with all I’ve ever wanted
All the toys and playing games
I am the one who pours your coffee
Corner booth each Saturday

I am your daughter’s favorite teacher
I am the leader of the band
I sit behind you in the bleachers
I am every man

I’m the coach of every winning team
And still a loser in my mind
I am the soldier in the airport
Facing giants one more time

I am the woman shamed and haunted
By the cry of unborn life
I am every broken man
Nervous child, lonely wife

“Every Man” by Casting Crowns

novelty: thoughts

new = good
then as it becomes more available, it becomes harder to be good.

When there were only 1000 videos on the net, they were a big deal. Now there are billions and what people watch are mostly professionally produced (like TV clips).

apples and oranges
newspapers didn’t go away when radio came in
radio didn’t go away when television came in
but newspapers may go away because the internet will do what newspapers do, in the same alphabetic sense– and the advertising situation is an issue
local newspapers are dying, but they have been for years.

So… all this came from “The End of the Essay.” Is it really the end of the essay or are we just adding a new dimension?