Citing the Web

Since I teach college English, I often have students who have to cite things they've found on the web.

Today we were talking at home about the fact that a fourth grade son of a friend had to cite works he used in a paper and didn't know how to cite the web.

(There's a story in how when you talk about something it turns up. I've tried writing it. Maybe after my novel's done I can redo it better.)

Then today I was looking at one of the blogs I read and he talked about citing on the web.

Anyway, MLA citation rules for the web are here. They don't, you will notice, tell you what to do when you don't know whose site it is. (Common problem for my students.)

So, now that I've put it on my blog, you'll be having people asking you about citing sources off the net.

(MLA is the proper format for essays and research papers. It's the English version of rules for writing papers. There are others: journalism, psychology, etc.)

NOTE: This is a different site. I couldn't get the other to open either.

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