Who are the big names?

Da-dah!  Ask and it shall be given to you.  I ask for research names in doc design and get it in Dieli’s article.  What could be more useful?  Or more troublesome.  You were probably wondering why I hadn’t noticed it in Dieli’s article, weren’t you?  I write these things as I read the articles.  This is not how I read anything else but inspirational nonfiction.  I wonder if there is a correlation between those two? –Information Design Journal.  Do we have this at State? 


Dieli, M., “How Can Technical Writers Effectively Revise. Functional Documents? ….Information Design Journal. l (1979), pp. 33-42


See also:

A selected bibliography: a beginner’s guide to usability testing
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Volume 32, Issue 4, Dec 1989 Page(s):310 – 316

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