Research on journaling

The thing that interested me most in Beach’s work was the summaries of research on journaling.  I do a lot of personal journals, have assigned them to classes over the years, and am presently doing a kind of one for you.  I want to read his work and see if I fit the profile his study came up with on learning styles.  I think it would be particularly interesting for me because my reasons for writing and my styles have changed considerably over the last sixteen years and those changes can be traced over time.  (Wonder if I could make that into a paper?  Probably not.  Although I do have several tests I have taken repeatedly across the last sixteen years, like Myers-Briggs.)


Not sure if it is actually in this, but I have it, so I am guessing yes.

Beach, Richard, and Lillian S. Bridwell, eds.  New Directions in Composition Research. New York:  Guilford, 1984. 

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