I had a sub for a class two weeks ago so I could give the talk in Ladies’ Bible Class that I had agreed to last May. The sub was a teacher of the class and was actually knowledgable on the subject. My students said thank you for that.

Tomorrow morning I will be subbing for a class. A teacher’s son has broken his collar bone and she needs to stay with him. This was a last minute request, obviously. I stopped in and said I’d do it. They are taking a test, so it doesn’t matter if I know what is going on or not.

Thursday night I will be subbing for another class. It’s a class I teach. I will actually have to teach that class. But I agreed to sub for it over a month ago, since I knew I would need a sub.

I think the two subs I am doing will make up in pay for the one class I had to have a sub for. You’d think they want us to be absent, since they don’t have to pay the full amount for our subs.

The college pays adjuncts very little- a total, I think, of $1600 a class. A full-time teacher with my level of experience gets $50K. Divided by eight classes, that’s $6K a class. Yes, they have to have office hours, but I have to grade papers and it would be easier if I could do them during office hours. It’d make my life easier.

But right now, I can’t homeschool and teach full time, so I’ll take what they pay me and hope later I can get a full time position.

Update: Apparently the teacher told them they did not have to be present for class and did not need to stay. About eight students turned in papers and left. But I was there for an hour and a half teaching the material the teacher had given me to cover. I wonder if she had a sub because she had to and honestly did not expect any of the students to stay in class. At WalMart today (10/10) I saw a student from that class who said she didn’t even comment on so many of them walking out of class. Oh well. Those who stayed received a bit more knowledge and reviewed grammar which will, I hope, serve them well on their papers.

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