Teacher Frustration

Robert at Franklin College writes about the frustration of teaching students who want you to show them exactly what to do each time they do it. They don’t want to learn how to do it. They want you to show them.

I have been in this situation, but thankfully not often because Texas does not allow the college teachers to talk to the parents. And that is probably just as well. I got an email from a parent explaining why her child was not in class, but it was a different excuse than the one the student gave.

I grade them for showing up, even though it is college. Because I got so tired of people coming only to turn in papers and then asking me why they are doing poorly. Right now attendance is only 5% of the grade, but that is enough to make them pay attention.

My brother, a brilliant man but a horrid student, asks why I care if they come. But I do. If they are there, then maybe they will see when they need help and ask for it. If they aren’t, then the papers coming back to them are way too late to give them the big picture.

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