Teaching Writing

What Jenny D thinks she found:

“That in 4th grade, in our disadvantaged schools, kids who are taught writing have better reading achievement. What kind of writing? Syntax, sequencing, grammar, spelling, editing, rewriting. Not prewriting or practice writing.”

I am very interested in this, as I teach writing from grades 6 through college. But I am not sure, since I am out of academics, what exactly these words mean.

Note: I took my first quiz in my first PhD rhet and comp course. And I was ready for it, or as ready as I knew how. I had read all six of the articles multiple times. I had read every source quoted in the articles. I had read every source mentioned in the lectures in which we were given the articles. But I didn’t understand that all six articles were talking about the exact same thing, just using different words. So, while I have some meaning for those words (and hope that some of them are universal), I am not sure I totally understand.

Ha! I am not alone. She wrote in an earlier post, scrolling down, “Hell, we don’t even have an agreed upon vocabulary of words to describe teaching practices.”

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