CNN has a post on adjuncts. Most of it is same-old for those of us who are adjuncts. But I thought the salary thing was weird.

And a 2004 report for the Cornell Higher Education Research Institute found that adjunct faculty members were paid about 64 percent less per hour than full-time assistant professors on a tenure track.

While I have a PhD, and know another adjunct who also has one- but he’s “retired,” most adjuncts have the minimum education required by their state to be an adjunct. Most full-time assistant profs are PhDs. You would expect that someone who is a PhD would be paid better than someone who is not.

Of course, the 64% doesn’t include the fact that the full-time person has benefits and the adjuncts don’t. Nor does it deal with the fact that the adjuncts get the classes no one else wants to teach. (Works for me. Those are the ones I like.)

Anyway, it’s an article on the topic. I found it through The Cranky Professor.

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