Choosing Colleges

for your kids. Or, really, helping your kids choose their college.

This was a topic of discussion at our ladies’ class at church this morning. How do you decide?

My husband had said a few years ago that Ivy League wasn’t all that big a deal. He and the valedictorian of his class are both back living in the old neighborhood. But then the old neighborhood goes from $90K to $500K with some houses in the $1.5mil area. So I guess the valedictorian could be in the $1.5mil subdivision.

But the Cranky Professor sent me to an article in the Washington Post about choosing colleges and the question of whether or not an Ivy League education would secure a student a sure future. One actual study said no. That Ivy Leaguers had about the same income as non-Ivy graduates. (This from a pool of folks who had all applied to Ivy schools.)

I have told my boys that it matters a bit if you want to go into federal politics. But overall you can do what you want from anywhere if you are motivated enough. That’s the real question. Motivation.

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