or sloppy editing? I can’t tell the difference when whole sentences, paragraphs, even pages, are cited, but not shown to be quotations. Because of this I have three students who received 0s on these papers. They said where they got the information, but they didn’t say the information they were giving me was in the exact same words in the source.

I wish that there was some way to give them another chance to get this right, besides the rewrite, which everyone gets. Because, really, 0 plus 85 is going to be an F, you know.

But they were plagiarizing. I did make clear what that entailed, or I thought I did.

They had plenty of time for this paper, if they didn’t wait till the last minute. It is my feeling, though, that they did wait till the last minute. It is possible that this waiting meant they weren’t careful. Maybe they didn’t intend to plagiarize. But they did. So 0s.

The good news is that my second class I’ve graded five papers and only one was plagiarized. Isn’t that sad? I’m excited because only one was plagiarized.

I only had one student plagiarize on the first paper. I wonder if I missed other plagiarisms? I hope not. But I did see a paragraph I recognized from a student’s first paper while checking others and I don’t recall whether or not he quoted it. I certainly hope so, since I didn’t catch it in the first paper.

I am appalled.

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