If you’ve been reading my blog for very long at all, you will know that I always like to be prepared for anything. I don’t have as much freedom to do that as I’d like, being a mother and wife, but I like to be prepared.

And I’m never underprepared for a class. I always have an extra hour’s worth of stuff to do that I just cannot get through in the time allowed.

Yet today, my first day teaching a lit class for the first time ever in college, I was underprepared. I had only enough stuff, even though I was sure I had too much, for two hours.

Now I am concerned that the rest of my syllabus is under-written too. In fact, I said in my syllabus that I wouldn’t add any readings. So I either lied or I can’t add readings.

It just never occurred to me that I wouldn’t have prepared MORE than I needed to cover. That’s how I usually work.

This semester’s class may be way too easy.

I don’t like that.

Hmmm. How can I make it harder without adding readings? I guess I could just add readings to class and not to the homework. That is what I meant when I wrote that in my syllabus. I just didn’t make it clear.

Or I could do a lot more lecturing and discussions over lectures. (Discussions is not something the students tend to be good at.)

I need to think of something to do by tomorrow.

Have to work on that.

Update: I did not add any readings. With the discussions, questions, and quizzes, I only had one other day that was short the whole class.

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