Sensing/Intuiting and Test Taking

from Tips on Quantitative Tests. I learned the difference between sensors and intuitors in test-taking.

One problem with long tests is that students have different learning and test-taking styles. Some (“intuitors”) tend to work quickly and are not inclined to check their calculations, even if they have enough time. Fortunately for them, their style doesn’t hurt them too badly on tests: they are usually fast enough to finish and their careless mistakes only lead to minor point deductions. Others (“sensors”) are characteristically methodical and tend to go over their calculations exhaustively. They may understand the material just as well as the intuitors do, but their painstaking way of working often leads to their failing exams they could have passed with flying colors if they had more time.

This makes me wonder if E is a sensor. He takes a long time on his math tests, doing questions over and over in various ways trying to make sure he got them right.

(Note: He never did this for me in homeschooling, but we also didn’t test much.)

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