Okay, the paper had something that didn’t have me cracking up. It said, “Give students a chance to improve their grades by rewriting their papers.”

I teach writing. So they have lots of writing to do. And they are required to rewrite their two biggest papers and their first paper. After that, I allow rewrites.

How do I grade the rewrites? I grade them the same way I graded the original, except I take off double the amount of points if they don’t fix something I marked. If they try to fix it, but it is still wrong, I don’t double the points. Then I average the two grades. I think that is more than fair.

And it gets them seeing what their errors are, so they improve on the things that they tend to miss. In a way, it’s a personalized grammar exercise. They have to fix the grammar errors they made and no one has to work on grammar they understand already.

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