Teaching HS skills in college

Gem commented about teaching skills in college that should have been learned in high school.

Even at large colleges, not all the students have learned to do research papers.

I once had a student, at a state university, who had never learned to write a SENTENCE. He got A’s in English class by getting blue ribbons when he showed his bull. So he got into college with A’s in English, but was put in remedial courses to make up his deficiencies.

I figure that, as the “gatekeeper” in freshman composition, I have the job of making sure that they don’t get out of my class not being able to write.

That means some people may be bored, not many based on the grades, but that they’ll all be fully capable of passing their classes, based on their writing ability.

If a student can make it through my class with at least a C, they should do well in their other classes. Getting a D may not promise that; I’ve had some students come to class, turn everything in, rewrite, but really not be able to write a good essay on their own at that level.

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