Frankenstein and the government

Wonder what these two have to do with each other? I did, when I found this link.

It is a fascinating and simple introduction to both the book, the science behind it, and the movies.

Very cool.

Update: The new link is here. The government is putting it out because it is an explanation along with traveling exhibits. However, some of them you can put into Google Images and find the pictures. For instance, Mary Shelley’s picture by Reginald Easton is available, as are some other interesting portraits.

One thought on “Frankenstein and the government”

  1. Dr. Davis,
    Unfortunately, the hyperlink to this site is defunct. It sounds like a site that I could really use for a class on the rhetoric of monsters. You don’t happen to have written down exactly where you found the info. (website, author, or title perhaps)? I thought I may be able to find it in another site through google.

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