Writing advice

which is all wrong.

Write Mindset says:

Write how you talk.

I am a college teacher, so maybe I’m all wrong. After all, the post says:

One of the main reasons people find it difficult to write is ….the fault of our education systems.

But I tell my students they should NOT write how they talk, for several reasons.

1. They don’t speak in complete sentences. Writing is supposed to make things clear to the reader. Generally incomplete sentences don’t do that.

2. They have to fill in the gaps. When they are speaking, if someone doesn’t understand, that someone can ask them. But when they are writing, the reader can’t ask questions. The students need to consider what things will cause questions and answer those in their writing.

3. Most conversations flow. They are like a creek, which hits a boulder here and moves, hits a sand bank there and shifts. Writing, usually, has a purpose. It’s supposed to complete that purpose. If it does lots of other things in the writing, even if it still gets to the purpose, people will be put off. If I am spending my time reading, you had better not be wasting my time by wandering off the topic.

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