Teaching today

I gave an introduction to the class, without the day to day syllabus.

I covered the girl who insulted college English teachers in her English final. (Audience awareness.)

I covered the guy who used his English process paper to describe how and where he murdered and got rid of the body of a named person. (Again with the audience awareness. And especially the “I am not a priest; if you tell me you committed a crime I will be on the phone with 911 before I finish grading your paper.)

I covered the “C can be a great grade” with both my geometry C (totally undeserved except that I made an 88 on the state wide final) and my Genetics C (totally deserved. I was one of 9 students, out of 70 students, who finished the class and passed. And I had none of the three years of prerequisites.)

I introduced the students to each other and explained that knowing someone else in college would help them stay in school.

And I went over the handouts on policy and the homework which is all about them. 10 groups, 10 things good at, 2 paragraphs introducing yourself

I barely finished in the 80 minute class time.

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