100 Must Read Blogs

Carnegie Mellon’s list of 100 must read blogs.

I clicked on the first one I didn’t recognize that sounded good to me and it took me to a diatribe about misinformation (labeling only conservative blogs). And that blog had been dead for a year, but hey… I know some of those blogs are good. I read them regularly.

Thanks to The Anchoress for answering my email request for the must read blogs, I thought political, that included her on the list.

I wrote her this vague description of what I was looking for:

I recall reading that you were included on a list of must read blogs, that I vaguely recall as political. If that is correct, do you know where I can find a list of those blogs? I am teaching a college composition course and the students are working on comparing and contrasting their top two presidential candidate picks. I would really like to give them a list of good blogs across the spectrum, if such is readily available.

There, I’m asking you to do/be my spadework! 😉

And she came through for me.

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