A lesson for CC2 class

I scheduled an intro to lit, because that’s what I usually do. That’s a big no-no here. So I am going to have to replace the lit stuff with reading assignments. Certainly we can use the book. I think we should. The students paid for it. (One of the best textbook deals ever. $20.) We’ve used it for one section so far, art, and we will use it again for at least one, maybe two sections.

The Differences: High School vs. College is an excellent introduction to school. I think it would also be a good way to wrap up the semester. There are six sections. I could put the students in groups. They have to read what the page says on one section, discuss it, see if they agree and if so provide examples, if not provide examples. (By the way, I think it is fairly accurate throughout.)

I like this idea.

How might I look it up?
that thing we were going to do at the end of school
that thing we were going to do at the end of the semester
lesson at end
CC2 course ending replacement class

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