Preparing for an interview

A commenter at Confessions of a community college dean said:

Talk about what you’ve done to get students involved in the university outside of your teaching. That would definitely win you points, as this is not an easy thing to do at most CCs.

This was advice given to someone moving from a cc to a SLAC.

My thoughts on ways I have done this:

I have had students interview someone who has been at the school 20+ years (worked at ACU); I might have to get the actual year the school was started. I don’t know how long the colleges have been around. ACU is over 100 years old.

Give extra credit for attending school events (such as the poetry reading, the concert, or writing the 104 essay) and writing about it. I have done this at all my colleges except Purdue.

Have the students find someone in their major department to interview about jobs in the field (do this each semester- or a form of it, but it would be good at SJ). This is one of the things I will have at the end of the semester to replace the literary analysis introduction.

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