My job search

applied for the three positions which came open because
I will need a job in 2009-2010 and job openings are not frequent in academia.

Two of the three did have openings last year, but they do not appear to have filled them. Or if they did, they now need more teachers.

What is right with the CC2:
a strong developmental writing program which is not separated from the English department
good system
an area that is very safe and is growing/booming
beautiful campus

What is right with the SLAC:
private, faith based (great for me, maybe not for someone else)
diverse student body
beautiful campus
4 classes a semester

Problems with CC2:
40 minutes away
don’t know the campus at all
5 courses per semester

Problems with SLAC:
potentially hair-trigger chair
across town
developmental writing needed but not in place

Problems with teaching at all:
E won’t have a driver’s license when school starts. (Not till September)
M won’t be able to go to school without me in the fall. (Not till October)
I’ll be working full-time. (I am doing that now, but the house shows it. Even though I am not a great housekeeper, I am better than this.)

How to overcome problems with teaching:
send E with R… E will be at school longer, but only two days a week
take M with me
get a maid? Maybe just someone to come in for a few hours a week and actually CLEAN. We’d still have to do the straightening and stuff, but he/she would keep the standard higher. (But this would cost money.)

How to overcome problems with SLAC:
don’t know, but chair might be retiring soon
The job is a one-year contract.
I like to drive. Maybe get a smaller car?

How to overcome problems with CC2:
go out there on a week day and visit
teach developmental writing (which actually has less grading than I require for freshman comp)
model my class on the “good” teachers’ classes at CC2 and don’t require more than they require (Yes, that will mean my students are less likely to get out of my class knowing how to write any college paper that might be required, but at least their grades will be equivalent.)

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