Actual interview questions

These were the telephone interview questions from a SLAC. Except for the first two they are not in the order they were asked, just in the order I was thinking of them.

Describe your philosophy of education.

How does your philosophy of education play out in your classroom?

How do you deal with students in a freshman composition course who are unable to write at all? (I asked about developmental studies, which they don’t have yet.)

Do you use Porter’s discourse theory in business writing?

How do you incorporate faith into a classroom situation? Give example if possible.

What was the point of your dissertation?

What did you learn from your dissertation that informs your teaching? (I told them that I tell my students, pick a topic you love because you are going to be writing it long after it stops being fun; what you think you are going to write about doesn’t always work; when you think it is perfect, it may not be yet.)

Can you teach 18th century literature?

Would you want to teach four freshman comp courses each semester or two of those and two of something else?

What professional organizations are you a part of?

What have you been doing for academia lately? (Teaching doesn’t count.)

Why do you want to work here? (They dissed my answer.)

Where did you hear about the opening?

Describe a typical class in your freshman comp course.

I am fairly sure there were others, but I don’t actually remember them. I should have been taking notes, but then you could hear me typing.

However, if you compare the questions from the other phone interview , you can tell there is a very different approach. What exactly that means, I am not sure. But perhaps someone out there who is good at nuance will read it and let me know what they think.

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