Never put off grading

I managed, somehow, to work my syllabus out to where the biggest grades all come in the last six weeks of school. So I have stacks of papers right now.

I just finished grading one class’ papers: research paper, cause and effect (due the next week), definition/illustration (extra credit), and refutations (extra credit). It took me about five hours and there was not a lot of extra credit work turned in.

The bad thing? Now I know that the other class will probably take that long as well.

But I want to make progress on these and not just hang on to them. Of course, I won’t be seeing these people until Thursday because of the interview, but… I’d like to not have them all hanging over my head both this weekend and next weekend.

So… Graded TTh tonight. I’ll grade Ts tomorrow. Then Sunday I will grade MW (1st v of research paper) and Monday I will grade TTh2 (also 1st v research paper). Or maybe I’ll grade those on Wednesday, since I have an interview on Tuesday I should probably prepare for as well.

The great thing is… because you know I’m looking for one right now… is that once these are done, it’s almost all over.

The bad thing is… once I turn the MW papers and the TTh2 papers back, I have to grade them again.

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