TCEA poetry thoughts

I wonder if I could go to iStockphotos and get photos of West Texas that show similar things to what I wrote about and create a video montage that plays while I read. That would be kind of cool.

I put in windmill… several. Put in West Texas, got a highway sign in the sunset and several windmills. There’s even a picture of a “hailstorm on the horizon.” And some really dry orange dirt, just like I talked about in one of the poems. I also found some good examples of abandoned houses, using abandoned house.

There’s a gorgeous “prairie sunrise” under farm fence. There’s also a good “prairie road.”

There’s also some good pictures of cotton including “white gold” of West Texas cotton farm field. I think I put in cotton farm. Also a good irrigation ditch picture. There’s also a Texas cotton field with the rows showing (new and green) with about a mile of flat land in the pic. “Early morning cotton boll field” looks like snow, just like in my poem. There’s also a cow shed, more modern than I was thinking, but it works.

“Young farmer headed home” looks a lot like a good rainy spring in WTX. Also “golden farming” which is in Alberta, but looks a lot like a bad spring. “One tree hill” I’m not sure about. Are the bumps in the background too big? “Wire in the sky” is sepia old fence, wood and wire, falling over. Very good for the abandoned poem.

“Oil and gas” has a pumpjack on that pumpkin orange soil. “Dried corn ready for harvest” is central Texas, but still looks like home. “Central Texas windmill” is good too. There are some good dried cornfields in central Texas pics.

“Mailbox along the dirt road” is in WTx and is fabulous. “Cotton field with ranch home” is very much WTx too. “Field of sorghum” and “Texas sunset” two of those with windmills in them. “boundary” is a cut fence with barbed wire. “open field and a dirt road” is dark and gloomy, like it’s going to storm. “Tree in a wheat field” and “field of wheat” are very good. “Peaceful landscape” is after the storm has passed. “Barn in a field of sorghum” is good too.

I can’t decide if “foggy fence-line and path” is good for what I want or not.

“Ranch windmill” is PERFECT. It’s a broken up windmill, only the tail there.

“Cotton ready to harvest” is good too. “plowed field in winter”– is that too many trees in the background?

“church in a wheat and corn field” is good. There’s “thistle and wheat” that’s good too.

“Fence in sepia” is also perfect. “windmill through barn door”

“tire swing” looks a lot like Grama’s yard.

“road near cotton” good.

Anyway, it would be very fun to do and I think it would make the poems better. Need to think about that if it gets accepted.

I should ask Aunt Norma if I can get the picture of Grampa on the tractor. That’s the perfect picture.

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