Important Characteristics of College Graduates

MIT has an article up that I found very interesting.

* High-level skills in communication, computation, technological literacy, and information retrieval to enable individuals to gain and apply new knowledge and skills as needed

* The ability to arrive at informed judgments-that is, to effectively define problems, gather and evaluate information related to those problems, and develop solutions

* The ability to function in a global community through the possession of a range of attitudes and dispositions including flexibility and adaptability, ease with diversity, motivation and persistence (for example, being a self-starter), ethical and civil behavior, creativity and resourcefulness, and the ability to work with others, especially in team settings

* Technical competence in a given field

The first bullet point will, I believe, easily be met/enhanced by good English classes. I do not think a single class can do this, but a series of good English classes easily good.

In addition, the second should also be part of the education process in a good writing course.

In some ways, even the third can be and is taught in English class.

That’s a lot of goals to stuff into a single English class. But I’ve seen it done and done effectively.

Technical competence must obviously be taught within its own field.

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