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Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism in Copenhagen in July of 2009. The theme this year is the bridge. Most of the session suggestions are business related. Are you teaching business writing? Maybe this one is for you.

• The bridge in higher education: fast tracking and ‘year zero’ programmes

Frontiers in Education for engineering information. If you are teaching engineers a lot in your writing class, this might be for you. Abstract deadline is January 14, 2009. The conference is in San Antonio in October 2009.

The Fairy Tale after Angela Carter

As such, the primary focus will be the critical and creative legacy of Carter’s work as writer, critic, editor and translator of fairy tales. Fairy-tale studies is an inherently interdisciplinary field, one in which there is a mutually enriching relationship between literary-historical scholarship and various forms of creative practice. The aim of the conference will be to stage and explore this relationship as energetically as possible; to assess the state of current critical and creative practice, as well as to pinpoint future directions for writing and research.

The deadline for abstracts is 3 November 2008. Jack Zipes will be speaking. The conference is in the UK.

Suggested topics are here.

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