Schedule of presentations/paper to write

Two Year College Association: Southwest
Ensuring Information Literacy in the Classroom – written, sent, accepted
Looking at Both Sides – written, sent, accepted (if they need it)

Memories of West Texas, poetry – written, sent

Teaching English in a Texas Community College – written
Using Fairy Tales to Introduce Literary Analysis – mostly written

Bridging the Gap: Ensuring Information Literacy in Low SES Students – written, sent as a panel

Reading the Sacred in Popular Speculative Fiction: The Christianity of Cyborgs and Werewolves – proposal, outline, introduction written; proposal sent

Fox News.Com paper- researching

Computers and Writing
I just found the call for papers and I am still trying to think what I want to do for that.

I think you can see that my summer has been productive. Too bad it’s over on Sunday, because I am not quite finished with papers and proposals. But C&W and finishing the Fairy Tales shouldn’t be too hard. The MLA paper isn’t due until March.

Update (8/25/08)
CCCC didn’t like my proposal. (Quiet tears here.)

I sent an extraordinarily revamped version to Computers and Writing today. I don’t know if it is what they want, because it doesn’t necessarily play into their views, but I liked it and thought it was good.

CCTE still doesn’t have someone to send the State of the Profession papers to, so I am not quite sure what to do with that. Of course it would be the one that I did finish, as opposed to the other possibilities for that conference which aren’t complete.

Also I found the Science Fiction Research Association call for papers and will probably work on that and the MLA over the Christmas break.

And I am sending a proposal to CEA, too.

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