The End of the Essay by Norbert Elliot

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Introductory Interview

“Single recording structure for what we did was the essay.”

“the 90s…the media that communicated that culture… a new media arose…”

“Students do things that are analytic, that are practical, and that are creative.”

“online portfolio assessment”

“we move beyond those things traditionally associated with the essay, grammar, mechanics”

“web posting, design, aesthetics, format”

“Students listen to the lectures on podcasts before they come to class.”

“We’re in a kind of continuous communication.”

“They’re experiential learners… digital natives… truly enjoy the medium”

“a certain kind of student who was at first reticent in using the medium”

Hmm. I was expecting this to be a lot more revolutionary than it was. But the interview itself was kind of basic except for the throw-away line of grading their multimodal essays on design, etc. That’s an interesting idea and I am not quite sure how I would grade that. It seems that the teaching would require a lot of technical teaching for a classroom with very different levels of technical expertise.

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