I’ve been in academia for 20 years

and sometimes colleges do goofy things.

Weather alerts
One college canceled classes because of the weather. But they didn’t cancel classes until 6 pm, by which point I and my students were in a classroom already. We didn’t hear about school canceling until 8:30 pm when the police came by to shut our building. If you are going to cancel night classes, check on the night classes to make sure they got the news.

New regulations
If colleges want people to do something, they should give more than 24 hours notice and an alert by something other than email.

I checked email twice one day, but did not check it the next day due to a hectic schedule.

The day after that, a weekend when most college offices are closed, I got the email that said I had to have something done by Friday afternoon.

Call me, folks, if it’s that important.

One school had a six-absence and you fail rule for English. But if you were on a team, you might be gone on school business more often than that. What to do?

I don’t have any more I can think of right now, but if you do, add them to the comments.

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