Call for Papers: Feminisms and Rhetorics

The conference will be hosted by the Rhetoric and Writing Program at Michigan State University, October 7-9, 2009. Beginning December 15, 2009 [sic], the 2009 Feminisms and Rhetorics committee will be accepting proposals that explore the connections between the conference theme, “Enabling Complexities: Communities/Writing/Rhetoric,” and our scholarly communities and practices.

Proposals accepted from Dec. 15, 2008 to Feb. 1, 2009. See more.

Found at Culture Cat where she says they are looking for proposals that

• *reflect* the complexity and diversity of who “we” are as a scholarly community;
• *make manifest* the deep structure of the connections, intersections, and overlaps that actually make us a community;
• *help articulate* who “we” are as a deliberate community of scholars, and what that means about our responsibilities and relationships to one another across scholarly areas and institutional positions;
• *highlight* scholarly and teacherly activities that deliberately create space for more complex notions of scholarship and teaching within the discipline of Rhet/Comp;
• *include* and significantly engage communities outside of the academy;
• *focus on* antiracist pedagogies and scholarship; present interdisciplinary scholarship in Afrafeminist Rhetorics; American Indian Rhetorics, Chicana Rhetorics, Asian American Rhetorics, post/neo-colonial rhetorics;
• *highlight* the intellectual traditions of women’s communities, especially communities constellated around specific identity markers such as race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation issues, geographic origins;
• *explore* the relationships between written, oral, and material discursive production;
• and other topics that *address* the connections in the conference theme.

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