A dean goes way beyond his job description.

I expect that most of us appreciate it when the dean takes a personal interest in our ability to continue working. (Or maybe not. Perhaps we think we should be able to work without administration’s interference.) In this particular case, though, the situation was unique. Even though the dean may have been trying to protect his university, he didn’t. I probably never would have heard that Rochester University in New York had a teacher who kept child p*rnography on his university computer, if the dean hadn’t tipped the man off.

Would you want a teacher working with or for you who indulged in such an interest? I would not. I know most of our students would be too old to hold such a one’s interest, but what about when a student brings their child on campus? Or when a young brilliant student is admitted to the college to study early?

I don’t like the idea. The dean shouldn’t either.

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