Bikinis and Deep Thinking: Two Great Things that have to do with college

Highlighting is like wearing a bikini

OK, by now I am sure you are wondering, what does this have to do with bikinis? When you highlight, you should only cover the essentials. A one piece suit covers things that don’t neccessarily matter. A cover-up covers even more, a lot of which is not needed. A big beach towel can be wrapped around and covers everything.

That’s the middle of the three paragraphs. Good for students and it catches their attention. I think I’ll use it.

Thanks for the simile.

How to Become a Deep Thinker at College

It requires three steps:

1. Choose a mixture of courses that all seem interesting to you. No more than half of these courses should be in a subject that you already know something about. (This will keep things novel.)

2. Calculate the number of hours per week you will need to handle the workload for these courses.

3. Double this total. Keep this number of hours free in your schedule. This probably means you won’t have many activities going on. This also means the course load you choose in (1) must be reasonable.

This advice is so simplistic as to border on facetious. But it’s the truth. The students who make great mental leaps, and really become more sophisticated thinkers, are those who have more than enough time to think about, work on, grapple with, and revel in their coursework.

Again from the middle. The set up is a student from Princeton asking advice. Good stuff.

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  1. Thank you for linking to Highlighting is like Wearing a Bikini. I am pleased that you could find something on my blog that would benefit your college students.

    Jim McGuire

    This was sent to my school email address. He had to search to find that. I think it would have been more fun had he commented here, so I am posting his comment.

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