Tip 25: 13 Considerations when Looking at Textbooks

Basic considerations for a textbook:


  •  Level of class  (developmental, on-level, honors)
  •  Price (and this should not be too high, regardless of your neighborhood)
  • Reading level (It can exceed their grasp, but it shouldn’t do that by much.)
  • Complexity (Is it really going to be usable?)


Other considerations:


  • Visual (pretty colors, pretty pictures)
  • Graphical (pretty diagrams, graphs, tables)
  • Age (modern)
  • Holes in your enthusiasm (It should fill those.)
  • Additions not readily available on the internet  (It should give the students something they can’t get for free.)


Things you do want:


  • Accuracy  (No major errors in fact or theory.)
  • Relevance (Ought to work well for your class and not have to be worked around.)
  • Readability (Has to be at a level the students can get.)
  • Accessibility  (Information should be chunked, for easier understanding.)

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