10 Signs of Too-Much-Class-Skipping-Syndrome

The US News had Top 10 Signs you’ve been cutting too many classes. Some of them are outrageously unrealistic. Some of them are so realistic it is heartbreaking.

An example of the latter:
#10 You show up Wednesday at 9 only to find the class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 to 4.

sleeperThis happened in my eight a.m class this year. A student showed up at twenty after and wanted to know where her class had been moved to. She insisted that she was in the right classroom at the right time. I finally got a look at her schedule, which she had in her notebook. She had the class in that room. But it was at 7:50 on Tues/Thurs. So she was thirty minutes late on the wrong day for a class.

An example of the former:
#3 The hottie you were trying to hook up with is now married to the guy at the end of the row.

Living together, yes. They could be doing that inside a week. But married? Not happening. At least not anywhere I teach.

This type of student belongs in the snowflake compendium.

#8 Your classmates roll their eyes when you do show up and “contribute” to the discussion.

#7 You ask when the midterm is going to be only to find out it was held three weeks ago.

#6 It’s the 10th week of the semester and the prof mistakes you for a prospective student.

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