Finals week

Finals week is always crazy, for the students and for the teachers.

grading-stackBut it is only afternoon of Wednesday and I have almost completed grading all the finals from four of my five classes! Amazing.

I have another final this evening and then I will be done with finals, except the grading and the computations.

Of course, for SLAC I don’t know how I am supposed to turn in my grades. So I’m going in early (again) to ask (again) and hope I find out this time.

CC1 isn’t bad, because I am already here and after I do the electronic, I’ll go make copies and turn in the hard copies, too.

CC2 is a little more involved, but I don’t have to do that this semester, just next semester.

In my developmental writing classes, the only people who failed had not turned in 2 or more of the 6 papers required. I think that’s pretty reasonable that they should fail under those circumstances.

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