What if…?

What if tenure were outlawed tomorrow?  What would happen?

Some teachers who haven’t been teaching would get laid off.  

  • This would be a good thing.
  • It would also encourage others to keep doing their jobs.
  • A sweeping round of layoffs would be demoralizing.

Some good teachers who have high seniority, and the attendant price tag, would get laid off.

  • We would expect that they would be hired by someone else, but perhaps not.  How do you prove you are the high seniority gifted teacher rather than the poor teacher who hasn’t been working?
  • This would be negative for the teacher, financially and emotionally.
  • It would be bad for the students because some good teachers would be gone.

lightbulb-smSome bad teachers would not be laid off.

  • They have social clout or are donor’s family members.
  • It would appear to those outside that the teacher is good, else they would be laid off.
  • The status of the college would go down with those in the know, because they would know a bad teacher was being kept on when all the excuses were gone.

Some good teachers would not be laid off, despite high seniority.

  • Their administrations would recognize their worth.  Thus they would be feel more valued than before.
  • A meritocracy would begin to be formed, since only good teachers would be kept on at higher wages.

So, what do you think?  What else would happen if tenure were abolished tomorrow?  I would really like to know.

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